Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One of my favorite chefs and cooking teachers is California-based John Ash. I just got his electronic holiday newsletter and thought many of you would enjoy seeing it. It's jammed packed with recipes, with special attention paid to sustainable foods -- one of Ash's passions. Just click on the links to get to the recipes and find more informaiton.

Happy holidays! I hope you are able to celebrate this festive time of year by spending it with your loved ones. Sharing a meal with someone special is truly one of life's greatest pleasures! For a memorable meal, here are some Favorite Holiday Recipes that have been requested over the years.
Remember to buy at least $10 of locally grown food each week! John Ash

"One can say everything best over a meal."~ George Eliot

Favorite Holiday Recipes

I've gotten several requests for recipes posted in the past so here they are. Hope you'll enjoy them over the holidays!
Holiday Menu For a memorable meal - three starters from three cuisines:Wild Mushroom Pate Shrimp and Noodle Soup with LaksaAhi Tuna Ceviche with Mango and AvocadoMaple Brined Roast Turkey Salad of Roasted Beets and OrangesFlourless Walnut Cake Sangrita ~ Hot "Zin"
More Recipes

Online Resources for Your Holiday Cooking

National Turkey FederationAll the turkey basics; everything you need to know from buying to storing to cooking. Reynolds KitchensRecipes, tips and timesavers. Weber.com Grilling your turkey this year? Weber has some great tips and recipes for grilling your holiday bird. Betty CrockerBetty Crocker has outdone herself again! Everything you need to make your holiday meal, complete with videos, menus, recipes and a holiday calendar. Butterball , hotline: (800) butterballA good resource for everything you need to know to buy, prepare and cook your turkey, including a turkey calculator! USDA Meat and Poultry, hotline: (888) 674-6854A great resource for safe food handling.
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Holiday Resources

Heritage Turkeys

Interested in Cooking a Heritage Turkey?
Heritage Turkeys are the ancestors of the common turkey that you find in the supermarket today. These birds are a part of American history and are making a comeback. In order to promote these breeds, they need to be reintroduced onto holiday tables. They include the Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red, Jersey Buff, Slate, Black Spanish, Narragansett and White Holland. Most importantly, they are delicious: their meat is tender, succulent, and extremely flavorful!Slow Food, Presidia: Saving Cherished Slow Foods, One Product at a Time Information on Heritage Turkeys and sources Local Harvest Information on Heritage Turkeys and sources
Holiday Resources

Sustainable Resources
Two resources dedicated to childrenÂ’s health:
A program of SeaWeb, KidSafe Seafoods provides information on seafoods that have been thoroughly tested for mercury and other toxic pollutants and found to be the safest, healthiest available. 90 Tips for 90 Days: ChildrenÂ’s Health Environment Coalition (CHEC) Web site dedicated to finding everyday safer solutions to reduce exposure to chemicals, toxins, and pollutants.
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cybercasey said...

Hey this is very resourceful...thanks for taking out some time and posting the links...they are very helpful...and hey i've also posted a couple of holiday recipes at my Holiday Blog so visit it sometime and enjoy all that its got to offer!!!

Teresa Farney said...

Thanks for taking time to comment.

Linda said...

I have read a lot of recipes for cooking turkey, but still i don't know how to do that right!:)