Thursday, September 28, 2006

How the garden grows

I got my AeroGarden (a tabletop hydroponic garden system) and have my first crop of salad greens sprouting. It was amazingly easy to assemble the gizmo. Even though my husband offered to help, I didn't need it. The directions were clearly written with excellent illustrations to lead me along the way.

The glow from the grow lights is sort of eerie, casting a bright flood of light that keeps the kitchen looking like it's noon all day. The grow light is on 16 hours then goes off for 8 hours. Everything is automated. When the water needs to be added a light will tell me. When the nutrients need to be added a light will tell me that, too.

The unusual toy has prompted comments from the family (peanut gallery). My daughter joked that we'd be eating less salad if we rely on this as the only source.

I have to admit, it does look like a pretty small production, but the photos in the directions shows a bounty of leafy greens. Time will tell.

And, my granddaughter wondered about the price comparison of store-bought greens versus the cost of running the bright grow lights for hours.

Stay tuned for answers as I progress with my new adventure.


JessicaLynn said...

WOW!! They look great. I just started my adventure!

Have a great night!

Jessica Lynn

Ricky Racer said...

How has your AeroGarden worked out for you? Did you get much production out of it?